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THSC Wins Court Battle!

THSC Wins Court Battle!

By Paul Hastings | Quick Read

If you haven’t heard the latest, over the weekend justice has prevailed upon the behalf [&hellip

We were close...

We were close…

By Paul Hastings | Everyday Life

I, along with other countless parents afflicted by the current loophole in our justice system, [&hellip

The good... and bad...

The good… and bad…

By Paul Hastings | Everyday Life, Take Action

Well, I’m pleased to report that your phone calls, emails, and prayers have finally gotten [&hellip

HB 2557 needs your help

HB 2557 needs your help

By Paul Hastings | Take Action

This is huge ladies and gentlemen. Downright huge. HB 2557 is well on it’s way [&hellip

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