Lego Brains on Rubik’s

By Paul Hastings • Videos, Wow • Feb 15, 2012

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Beyond cool

For the record, they’re using 4 Lego NXT brains and the Samsung Galaxy S II phone (exact same phone that I have).

This robot solves the world-famous Rubik’s cube faster than the fastest human can, who incidentally, you can watch below.

(almost) Beyond cool

For full specs and a general explanation of why this Lego robot is cooler than 0° Kelvin see here.

For more Lego goodness, don’t miss the Star Wars Saga told in 2 minutes or the greatest ball-sorting Lego creation.

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3 Responses

  1. WOW!!!! That is one of the most amazing robot I have ever seen!! Not counting any move that is…
    Thanks for posing.

    Can I get the app for that? :O

  2. AAAAAGGGGHHH! We need new post from Paul! 😉 Life is getting boringer and boringer all the time!
    Just kidding. It’s quite exciting.
    But we still need you to post. 😉

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