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By Paul Hastings • Tech, Videos • Nov 10, 2011

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Back in January I linked to an article about Stuxnet, the most advanced and powerful virus to roam the cyber-world.

Here’s a follow-up video that was released 5 months ago on Australian TV.

This video is awesome on 2 counts.

  1. The motion graphics are phenomenal. As a hobbyist video editor I can attest that the editors did a great job of taking highly technical content and turning it into something that non-geeks would enjoy watching.
  2. On the same count, this clip does a great job of highlighting why Stuxnet was so powerful and why it’s such a programming marvel.


…to Patrick Clair for directing this piece and editing all of the motion graphics.


…on the next computer super-virus called Duqu. Stuxnet has forever upped the ante for cyber warriors and villains alike and Duqu is the 2nd child of the Stuxnet vein.

This is Scary…

…because I work with computers and networks all day long and I know how finicky they are. I also know how powerful they can be if used correctly… and I also know how dangerous they can be in the wrong hands.

Be glad that Stuxnet was used to take down Iran’s nuclear research and not America’s power supply.

But it could just as easily have been us.

This is real.

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7 Responses

  1. Ok… So why is this virus online for anyone to use? Couldn’t Iran get it and insert it into US computers?

  2. Do you know how to do animation like this? Like what programs can do this kind of stuff.

    • @Timothy, Good question. I’m sure that Iranian, Chinese, >>insert scary country<< programmers have already downloaded the code and they're looking into it. But there's 2 responses. 1. They're calling it "source code" but unless they had access to the original development files, then it's just a reverse-engineered version of the virus. It's not actually the "real" virus, hence probably buggy and not *as* potent. 2. Open-sourcing code is a great way to protect people as well, even if it's a virus. That's why awesome software, like Chrome and WordPress, is often release as open source code, so that people can find the bugs, report it, and then fix it. Remember, not all the hackers in the world are bad guys or for hire. There are some devs out there who genuinely want to protect humanity. They're the ones who found the Stuxnet virus and are fixing the holes and zero days. P.S. The animation was done in Adobe After Effects (a 2D program) and a little Maya (a 3D program). Some other 3D programs that could do this are 3Ds Max, Cinema 4d, and Blender (which is free and open source!)

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