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It’s been quiet on the blog lately, but for good reason.


If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been swamped with Filmmakers Academy as of late.

  • Wrapping up weeks 5 and 6.
  • Organizing the Filmmakers Academy Film Festival.
  • Editing the Summer Highlights video (I’ll be posting the video in a couple of days).
  • Pulling an all-nighter to collect the student’s final videos so they could be included in the Summer 2011 DVD.
  • Successfully executing the Filmmakers Academy Film Festival (huge success, post coming tomorrow).
  • Filming non-stop with the Filmmakers Academy Alumni on our Alumni Project (be looking for a trailer soon).

Still Ahead

  • I’m rebuilding the Summer 2011 DVD.
  • School begins next Monday on August 22nd.
  • After I’m situated with school, I’ll start web development freelancing again.
  • A face-lift of imagivation.net. Perhaps I’ll combine it with imagivation.org.
  • I’ve started thinking about a new project lately. Stay tuned.

In Summary

So… life is busy, but that makes it all the more awesome.

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