Filmmakers Academy Film Festival!

Phew, the last few days have been a crazy blur of activity centered around Filmmakers Academy.

  • The Week 4 assignments have been turned in and they’re pretty informative. I’ll be posting some of the clips next week.
  • I’ve spent 2 days with the FA alumni from last year filming a short film that they’re planning to enter into the Sundance Film Festival and the SAICFF.
  • Blue Cotton sent me 50 of this summer’s Filmmakers Academy T-shirts (designed by my sister Christina). They’re sitting on my couch at the moment.
  • Yesterday, I ordered 100 prints of the Filmmakers Academy – Summer 2011 DVDs (also designed by Christina) from Replicopy. So keep your fingers crossed that I can build and burn the DVD master before Friday morning.
  • And finally! Last but not least…

The Filmmakers Academy Film Festival is this coming Saturday!

What are we watching?

We’ll be screening the final projects that the Filmmakers Academy students are creating even now as I write.

Who’s speaking?

Colin Gunn, acclaimed documentarian and previous winner of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

I wrote about his latest project last week.

Colin Gunn

Colin Gunn


High Pointe Baptist Church


Saturday, August 13th from 6-8pm (with a reception afterwards)


Everyone! Bring your friends, family, church groups, and anyone who’s ever been interested in filmmaking.


It’s entirely free! (can’t beat that)

Need More?

Read the entire announcement here. And RSVP here.

I’ll see yall there!

Free Filmmakers Academy Film Festival

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