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By Paul Hastings • For Fun, Videos • Jun 30, 2011

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The waiting room scene is surreal. Quite a clever commercial for the Nissan LEAF that conveys their point.


The choice of music intrigues me. The music isn’t “bad”, but a happier melody as opposed to the current pensive and thoughtful composition would have made a better fit.

I won’t claim to be a musician, but I am a student of business.

I believe the video would have been more effective if a more lighthearted and upbeat tune had been used. A personal observation of human nature is that audiences enjoy sharing happy videos more than they enjoy sharing sad videos.

Obviously, the marketing firm’s goal was to astound the audience with the absurdity of using gasoline to power our electronic devices. But I think they still could have conveyed that message with bouncier music and thereby gained a higher share rate.

Still, 1.4 million YouTube hits isn’t half bad.

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  1. Caleb

    I just can’t help but think back to logic classes and consider the logical fallacies and inconsistencies involved in focusing on the absurdity of running some of those things on gasoline and then relating it to cars running on gasoline. It still makes for an entertaining commercial, though.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about ad. Regards

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