9 Reasons I Don’t Smoke

The legal minimum smoking/tobacco age in Texas is 18. I have never been tempted to smoke.


Here are…

9 Reasons I don’t smoke

Cigarettes are addictive - arm

Cigarettes are addictive... like drugs

Cigarettes cause cancer - patient

Cigarettes cause cancer... and leave you feeling like a zombie

Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease - face

Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease... and leave you gasping for air

Cigarettes are addictive - throat

Cigarettes are addictive... and leave holes in your social life

Smoking can kill you - corpse

Smoking can kill you... and dead means dead

Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease - hand

Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease... and leave you clinging for life

Cigarettes cause cancer - teeth

Cigarettes cause cancer... and ruin your smile

Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby

Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby... who is innocent but still suffers

Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease - toe

Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease... and dead people never look cool

Smoking is stupid.

Don’t be stupid.


This PSA announcement was inspired by the FDA’s new warning labels on cigarette packages.

By no means am I endorsing government intrusion in private enterprise. I don’t believe that cigarette companies should be held to these types of warning standards by the Federal Government. But I do believe it’s up to the general populace to inform, warn, and discourage the use of tobacco products.

Which is what I just did. Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing.

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5 Responses

  1. IF I was tempted to smoke (which I never have been in my entire life) it would only take ONE of these pictures to dissuade me! :)
    ~Mrs. Clay (who thinks you should call her Scarlett because you’re old now.) :)

  2. Mr. Clay… I mean, “Brandon”, told me to call him by his first name too. Did yall have a discussion about me or something? πŸ˜›

  3. Christi

    The horrible, agonizing, and prolonged effects that smoking has on one’s health, life, and relationships are truly incredible. Ironically, nurses (who see these effects firsthand on a daily basis) have a higher percentage of smokers than any other profession, proving education about the effects of smoking is not the key to stopping it. If our federal government believes they can scare people out of smoking, they are sadly mistaken.

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