Bo-Taoshi – Japanese Melee

By Paul Hastings • For Fun, Videos • Jun 10, 2011

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It’s called Bo-Taoshi (Wikipedia link) and basically is a Japanese combo of Capture the Flag, Red Rover, American football, and kick-boxing.


  • Each team is made up of 75 guys.
  • The objective is to topple the pole over, or lean it at least 30 degrees respective to the ground.
  • It’s played primarily by cadets at the National Defense Academy of Japan


No wonder Japan doesn’t play American football… they have this. If watch closely you’ll see plenty of face-kicking, shirt-ripping, and general macho-ness.

This looks amazingly fun. If there was an event like this in the US I think I would try out.

Not had enough of Bo-Taoshi?

If you’re still looking for more Bo-Taoshi, try this clip on for size.

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