By Paul Hastings • Everyday Life • Mar 12, 2011

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Wednesday: Testimony at the Texas Capitol

On Wednesday I had the privilege of testifying on HB 567 to the Corrections Committee in the Texas House. Way cool.

For those dying to watch the entire hearing (including the 3 other bills that are unrelated to homeschooling) see here. Otherwise, listen to the clip at the top of the post.

Thursday: Interview in Dallas

On Thursday morning Alex and I conducted our interview in DFW with fantastic results. Our interviewee was phenomenal and shared some incredible content with us. That’s probably all I should say right now, but I can tell you that this is going to be an awesome commercial.


Google Maps asserts: 476 miles, 9 hours, 14 minutes. I believe it.

The weekend is now upon us… time to work.

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  1. Its. Its. Its. No apostrophe. Gaaaah.

    But other than that…this is super cool. Way to go, big bro!

  2. @Beth Thanks for catching the typo. It’s fixed now.

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