By Paul Hastings • For Fun, Tech • Jan 27, 2011

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So I have this friend named Preston. He’s an uber-coder, a homeschool grad… and he happens to be a JibeNow Admin.

You wanna see something cool? Look no further.


(Hint 1. Visit his site in any major browser besides Internet Explorer)


(Hint 2. Double-click the logo)



Keep your eye on that page. Cool stuff is gonna keep happening.

Leave a comment when you find out what you can do there. Have fun!

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10 Responses

  1. Do you need an insane amount RAM to check this out? ’cause I tried to load it and I slammed my RAM and my internet

  2. @rocketjon Shouldn’t need to. What browser were you using and how much RAM does your computer have?

    Oh… I wonder if it’s dial-up?

  3. So the letters pop out…then what?

  4. Oh right…Double-click the logo. Okay so it falls…then what?

  5. Click and throw it around. 😉

  6. Has it been tested on Linux? Because I can’t throw it.

  7. @alexb, Hmm, I guess you’re the Linux tester then. :) In my latest post I have a quick screencast of what I’m able to do with Chrome in Windows 7.

  8. Thats pretty cool, however I had to reload it around 4 times before it worked. It is very similar to this: I like it 😀 It is fun to play with….So are you going to use this for the good of man kind or is it just for fun? 😀

  9. As I build it more it’s going to be my portfolio basically, but it’ll be the coolest funnest site you’ve ever been to. 😉

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