Day 1

By Paul Hastings • Everyday Life, Thailand, Videos • Dec 3, 2010

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Yes, I’m alive. Today marks the beginning of Day 3 of my journey, but for now you’ll have to content yourself with watching Day 1’s adventure.

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  1. Coool! wish I could see the whole vid! lol

  2. Man, Looks like you are having fun!

  3. Glad you’re having fun. :) Actually, most countries in Asia drive on the right. See:

  4. LOL! This is a hysterical video! Sounds like a blast!


  5. Mommy and I kept cracking up as we watched the video!!! We’re in your room right now and we miss you so much, but I’m so glad you’re making the videos!

  6. Wow, Paul. I appreciate the footage. It looks really cool. Stay safe man. :)

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